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Nissan-Votlia eNV200 MAXI reservation agreement 2017-11-29T10:24:26+00:00

Nissan-Votlia eNV200 MAXI reservation agreement

By submitting this RESERVATION FORM and due payment of the RESERVATION FEE, the CLIENT demonstrates its interest in purchasing the VEHICLE (i.e. the BASIC VEHICLE including the CONVERSION or CONVERSION only). Subject to receipt of the RESERVATION FORM and the RESERVATION FEE, VOLTIA agrees to reserve the VEHICLE for the CLIENT (the “RESERVATION AGREEMENT”). The RESERVATION AGREEMENT shall provide for obligation of VOLTIA (i) to take actions required to find out availability of the BASIC VEHICLE, including price and delivery date by a NISSAN dealer, and (ii) to reserve its capacity to realize the CONVERSION by EXPECTED DELIVERY DATE. As soon as VOLTIA learns of the price and delivery date of the BASIC VEHICLE by the NISSAN dealer, it will call the CLIENT to enter into the purchase agreement for the sale of the VEHICLE for the TOTAL PRICE and EXPECTED DELIVERY DATE, or another delivery date as resulting from the date of delivery by the NISSAN dealer. For avoidance of doubts, this RESERVATION AGREEMENT shall not represent the purchase agreement nor agreement on conclusion of future agreement (pactum de contrahendo) between VOLTIA and the CLIENT. The CLIENT is entitled to terminate the RESERVATION AGREEMENT by a notice with 14-day notice period. VOLTIA will deduct the paid RESERVATION FEE from the advance of the TOTAL PRICE payable under the purchase agreement; otherwise VOLTIA shall pay the RESERVATION FEE back to the CLIENT no later than in 14 days following termination of the RESERVATION AGREEMENT. The RESERVATION AGREEMENT shall be governed by Slovak law and any disputes arising therefrom shall be decided by Slovak courts.